Chill Vibes

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Nerve tonic for setting the mood right --- soothing to the spirit, chill, soft, balanced, slightly bitter, grounding yet psychically enhancing. Helps replenish the nervous system in the fast paced, super stressor style modern society.

Ingredients : chamomile, lemon balm, skullcap, damiana, brandy

This plant spirit medicine is formulated by hand in small batches by clinical energetic herbalist Rachel Burgos. Rachel works to provide preventative health care and education using plant, animal & earth & elemental medicines in a holistic way. She focuses on the patterns of imbalance we create in order to survive various traumas, ancestral patterning for both chronic and acute, emotional, physical or spiritual imbalances. Rachel subscribes to the harm reduction model and hand-harvests all the plants used in her potions. She is based in Joshua Tree, California.

30ml dropper bottle.

Made by hand in the USA