Catherine Rising Upstate Salve

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All salve – amazing for hands, face, body and hair in a two ounce tin.

Simple ingredients - with just coconut oil, olive oil, local bees wax, and essential oils. available in five hand blended fragrances, described below. Ignites the senses and sparks daydreams of untouched, sun-drenched nature.

• Juniper and Rose has the particular note of vintage rose, nicely balanced by the juniper. This scent opens up as a luxurious celebration of the femme.

• Smoked Palo Santo is a unisex smokey herb scent with a distinctly Palo Santo vibe. Grounding and meditative.

• Vetiver and Olive smells opulent, warm and herby. It's the type of life-afirming scent you wish could never stop inhaling, like the idea of flowers in a meadow or a sunny picnic by the lake

• Patchouli and Laurel is pleasant faintly medicinal and slightly citrus scent, reminiscent of tiger balm. Like a Fall walk through the woods.

Made by hand in the USA. Contains the lowest possible levels of toxins, such as formaldehyde, vocs, combustion gases, particulates, allergens, or flame retardants, to preserve air and water quality; serving to detoxify and protect the body from harmful substances.