About Wavy Matter

HI I’m Paulina! I’m an artist and designer and the creator of Wavy Matter. I'm Polish-American and originally from Philadelphia, but I've called California my home for most of my adult life.  I've worked in exhibit design, advertising, and as the creative director for FluffyCo for years and years (and years). I also love to spend time in my studio and out in the wild, experimenting with printmaking, textiles, and art that brings people together. 

I’ve always been scared to death of mixing my artwork and my design work, but when I started letting the art and design sides of my creative life mix I was actually floored by how they complemented each other! And so Wavy Matter was born...

... a new idea about how to bring art, design and inspirations together in one place, and use use that space to support art and social change! I want to put the most important things in my life– fine art, community and sustainability– at the center of this new project, and find fun and innovative ways to share these values, create change, and give back.  

This project will support self-care and empowerment in a political and cultural moment that does not always hold space for our being grounded and present. It will promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by providing access to natural, mindfully and ethically made products, and will inspire creative thinking by sharing artist profiles, inspirations, and what I’m working on in the studio! Wavy Matter will be bringing you original content, interviews and collaborations with artists, and opportunities to get involved in bringing people together around creative thinking and community.

I am building this project as a Social Enterprise- a new kind of business that measures success not just by profits but also by the change we make in the world. We are part of a movement of people rethinking our shopping choices as a force for good. Big ideas take time, but I hope we can build something really beautiful and impactful together. I'm excited for the possibilities!

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