Welcome to Wavy Matter ___ a new platform combining art, community and sustainability.

Wavy Matter is a new project that looks for innovative ways to enable social change and give back. We believe in the power of people and creativity to change the world. Wavy Matter donates 10% of profits to fund art in communities. 

We measure our success by the change we make in the world.

Shop our selection of sustainable goods and give to non-profits with every purchase! We focus on Fair Trade, American-made, and sweatshop-free products 

Wavy Matter empowers artists, individuals and communities to make positive changes that help shape the future.

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Maybe people and art can change the world

Wavy Matter is about thinking creatively, as individuals and in communities, to bring social change. We believe public art is important, and we believe in supporting artists doing the work of questioning the status quo, and bringing new possibilities and new perspectives to life.