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Wavy Matter gives 10% of profits to art programs
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Our Best-selling mod tunic dress and other great options!
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we donate 10% of profits to art!
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Maybe people and art can change the world

Wavy Matter is about thinking creatively, as individuals and in communities, to bring social change. We believe public art is important, and we believe in supporting artists doing the work of questioning the status quo, and bringing new possibilities and new perspectives to life.

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Our best-selling tunic dress comes in new patterns every season!

"I had an alarm set in my phone to check out your new dresses the day your site went live, I love them so much!" –Kelice

“I bought one of your dresses months ago and I always get I figured I should maybe pick up a few more!” –Genelle

Are you kidding?! Thank you. These dresses are the most comfortable and flattering dresses I own. Just waiting to be able to buy one of everything. :) Thank-you for building a new way to business and for supporting art. From one artist to another--totally get it. " –Kit

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New Vision

We are a new kind of business that measures success not just by profits but also by the change we make in the world. We are part of a movement of people rethinking our shopping choices as a force for good. Big ideas take time, but we can build something really beautiful and impactful together. I'm excited for the possibilities!

Ideas / Etc

Work in Progress, Inspirations, Studio Visits and art in general.